Web Push Notifications Review - Compared

There is no denying the fact that using Web Based Push Notifications is a great way to engage more users and gain more traffic to your website. You can use notifications to pull traffic and even leads to your website for that matter. There is a reason why Marketers say Push Notifications can really improve your leads by over 10X. But choosing the right web push notification service is very crucial and is often ignored. Turns out, most of the people fall for ‘popular push notification services’ which turns out to be really bad in future.

But we are about to change that. We are here to help you out with choosing your next best Web Push Notification Service. In this article, we would be reviewing some of the most popular Web Push Notification Services and will be comparing them to see what service you should go with. Do keep in mind that while preparing this list, our motive was to compare the services which are a bit popular already and are trusted. We have compared these services on certain basis which we have shared in the table below. 

Now, if that sounds interesting, let us hop right into it. Should we? 

Comparison Table

Are you in a hurry? Don’t have the time to read whole article? Well, no issues. We respect your time, here is our quick comparison table. 😃

Price Per Month (100k Subscribers)
Number of domains in Paid Plan
Data Privacy
Unlimited Team Members
Unlimited Notifications
Emoji Support
Custom Branding
Message Templates
Export Data
Automatic Migration

Web Push Notifications Compared

You can find a list of Web Push Notification Services below. We have mentioned Features, Bottom Line, Introduction, Website and more about each of the Service in order to make things easier for you. Our motive is to help you choose the right push notification service for your website. With that being said, let us now take a look at the first Service on the list. Shall we?


1. NovoPush

Starting off with the list, we have NovoPush coming in at number one. Now, there are a lot of reasons as to why we found this Push Notification service to be best of all. Out of which, the number one reason is the pricing of this service. NovoPush offers 100K Subscribers for free which is insane. Also, their Design and User Interface is on point which makes the overall user experience a breeze. If you have not already tried NovoPush, then it’s high time you do. 

Let us take a look at some of the features of NovoPush now. Should we?

  • Free 100K Subscribers
  • Great User Experience
  • Blazing Fast
  • Real time statistics
  • Custom Branding
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Export Data

    Bottom Line – RECOMMENDED

    • Free 100K Subscribers: Lorem With NovoPush, you get 100K Subscribers for free. There is no other push notification service out there which is offering the same. 
    • Real Time Analytics: NovoPush offers real time analytics which helps you in analyzing your audience and get more CTR.
    • Easy Setup: During our testing, we did not face any issues while setup process. It took us less than 5 minutes to get NovoPush up and running on our website.

    2. OneSignal

    There is no denying the fact that OneSignal is the most popular Web Push Notification service out there on the Internet. It is being used by a lot of websites. But, often times, the popular service are not the best out there. This is the case with OneSignal as well. Though they are very popular but they are quite expensive and even slow in terms of speed. And you gotta be careful if you choose this because once you start getting lot of subscribers, you will eventually have to spend more. If you are someone who does not have a huge budget, then we will recommend you stay away from this service as it might leave a deep hole in your pocket.

    • Popular Service
    • Used by a lot of websites
    • Easy to set up 

      Bottom Line – NOT RECOMMENDED

      • Expensive: OneSignal is quite expensive. Though it does offer some free subscribers, but it gets super expensive later.
      • Privacy Issues: OneSignal does have some privacy issues. During our testing, we noticed highly questionable & unauthorized data-collection code getting injected to our website.
      • Slow Speed: OneSignal is not the fastest push notification service out there on the Internet.

      3. WebPushr

      Webpushr lies somewhere in between the best and the bad. Though it is better than OneSignal in terms of speed and pricing, it is nowhere near the Novopush. With Webpushr, you get 50K Subscribers free which is great. But considering Novopush offers 100K Subscribers for free, it still lags a bit behind. Apart from that, the service seems good, the delivery of the messages were not the fastest but was not worst either. 

      • Free 50K Subscribers
      • Decent Speed
      • Affordable Pricing 

        Bottom Line – DECENT PICK

        • Free 50K Subscribers: Webpushr offers 50K Subscribers for free in it’s free plan.  
        • Decently Fast: WebPushr is fast, though there are delays at times, but it the speed remains decent for the most part. 
        • Easy Setup: Setting up WebPushr on your website is a fairly simple and easy process.

        4. PushNami

        PushNami is another popular service when it comes to web push notifications. Now, this service is not suited for startups or the websites which do not have enough funds. Why, you ask? Well, if you look at their pricing, you will find out that they are the most expensive one. For instance, if you want to have 100K Subscribers, then it will cost you $1000 USD which is super crazy considering Novopush is offering it for completely free. Anyways, if you have the budget, this service does offer a lot of great features like beautiful notifications. and more.  

        • Pushonomics Machine Learning
        • High compatibility
        • Fast
        • Easy to setup

          Bottom Line – EXPENSIVE

          • Expensive: PushNami is crazy expensive. You gotta pay 1000 USD for 100K Subscribers. 
          • Privacy Issues: Even spending thousands of dollars won’t save you from privacy issues if you opt in for PushNami.

          5. iZooto

          Continuing with the list of Web Push Notification services, we have iZooto coming in at number 5 on the list. iZooto is another push notification service which is a bit on the expensive side. Not sure if that’s the reason of small ‘i’ initial in their name. Anyways, this service offers an easy to use web console and other features like user targeting, automated push notifications and cross-browser support. One of the main features we found missing in this service was conversion tracking.

          • Easy to use Console
          • Fast Setup
          • Cross Browser Support  

            Bottom Line – iSpendMore

            • Expensive: If you are ready to spend more, then you can choose iZooto. 
            • No Conversion Tracking: iZooto does not offer any conversion tracking. 
            • Limited customer supportiZooto does not offer the best support.

            6. VWO

            And finally, the last but not the least, we have VWO coming in at number 6 on the list. VWO offers 100K Subscribers for 500 USD which is expensive but affordable than Pushnami and iZooto. Now, you might not have heard of VWO, but it was formerly known as PushCrew which was actually quite popular. Now, it does offer targeting features targeting features that can be expanded to add Cookie based attributes.

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              Bottom Line – Amusing…

              • Not suitable for small to medium Enterprise: VWO is not suitable for small to medium enterprises due to higher pricing.
              • Lack of Advanced Features: VWO lacks advanced features like conversion tracking and advanced subscriber.

              Hope our list has helped you choose best Web Push Notification service for your website.


              To sum this up, we can say that though there are a lot of popular push notification services out there to choose from. There are times when going with ‘Popular Service” is not the best idea. There are better alternatives which are worth trying out. 

              We will definitely recommend you try out NovoPush as it is a clear winner. It offers the best pricing with amazing features which are not there with even the most popular and biggest push notifications website.

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